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Academics-How we learn

The school is affiliated to CBSE. The teaching methodology and technology is kept abreast with the latest trends in child pedagogy. The curriculum is well-blend to balance the curricular and the co-curricular activities.
The entire Academic zone is web enabled and all the classes a smart class. The scholars are motivated to explore, and learn by observation, as all learning comes from nature. Learning by Doing and Activity based learning is earnestly given the impetus in the classrooms. All learning is child centred. Personality development is the hallmark of our education. The student-teacher ratio is 10:1 and the class strength is maintained between 25 and 30.


An education on a global pattern: The CBSE curriculum has scope to train the children to become a true citizen of the modern world. It makes the child competent in all respects, so that he/she could take on the world. The school promises to do just that, besides being your child's gateway to the world

Personality Development: The key stress in the formative years of the child is on developing his personality. The day schedule has assigned on a regular basis time and periods to hone the etiquette and oratory skills of the children. The school is divided into houses and clubs. The houses shoulder the responsibility on a fortnightly basis of conducting the morning assembly and maintaining the discipline and other activities during the stipulated period.
The clubs science club, quiz club, art club, theatre club, book club, gardening club, environment club to encash upon the area of interest of the child.
Interaction between students and teachers in other countries: Dr. K.N. Modi Global school intends to have students and teachers exchange programmes with other foreign International Schools which would provide an intercultural environment for inculcating internationalism.

Education not confined to books: An application-based approach enhances the learning process, by not just imparting mere textbook knowledge but also developing and nurturing young minds.

Learning beyond the classrooms: Apart from the classroom teaching, a child needs something more to develop character and leadership. As Mahatma Gandhi said A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Recreational activities help in the development of the physical attributes. A well-stocked library cum media center in the school helps the child to gain knowledge and skills. The co-curricular activities like dance, theatre and painting bring out the hidden talents within every child.

Teacher as facilitators: We believe that teachers are facilitators of learning who inculcate skills through learning-by-doing and motivate the child to learn. They make the child confident enough to pave way for himself in life. Teachers from different nationalities and cultures in the school provide the child intercultural mindset internationalism.

Child-Centric curriculum: A Child-centred curriculum and project-based approach to teaching generates the love for learning in every child and put his knowledge to practice. Enquiry based learning the core of Project method develops their thinking skills.

Multiple Intelligence Approach :On a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 Dr. K.N. Modi Global School incorporates Multiple Intelligence Approach We believe in identifying the aptitude of each child, and train them keeping in mind their individual abilities and shortcomings. It makes the child a better decision-maker, encourages him to apply his knowledge and also understand others' point of view, thus inculcating in him/her the traits of a global leader.